Smart colouring and total protection for polyurethanes

The advantages of using industrial polymeric dyes EVERTINT® compared to pigment pastes. Total protection of PU systems through the use of a package of stabilizers to light, heat, and degradation by Nox. Smart colouring and total protection for polyurethanes...
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Additives for the protection of construction sealants based on hybrid polymers. EVERSORB® HP SERIES...
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Total solutions for flooring

EVERSORB® EP-SERIES: for water-based and solvent-based epoxy coatings. EVERSORB® AS-SERIES: new stabilizers for polyaspartic coatings. Soluzioni totali per pavimentazioni...
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New dual-effect additives (UV-IR cut)

Interesting applications in the construction world for the new dual-effect additives with both UV and IR cutting functions and relative transmittance reduction for water-based and solvent-based systems. Presentazione nuovi Additivi UV-IR cut...
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Eversorb® AQ series

Photo-stabilizers for water-based systems that help reduce VOC emissions. Actual examples of effective use. Presentazione serie Eversorb® AQ...
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Complete solutions for wood protection

Proposal of additives for the total protection of wood and its structural components such as tannic acid and lignin. Introduction of the new EV-108 light stabilizer. Presentazione protezione del legno...
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