B.A. Special Chem & Color offers a full range of textile dyes: reactive dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes and pre-metalized, direct dyes, disperse dyes that meet different application requirements in terms of quality and reliability.
B.A. Special Chem & Color is a company that thinks more and more globally. At the same time, it keeps choosing to act locally because it knows that for this type of work, this approach represents the best way to achieve its objectives, as well as those of its customers and, last but not least, those of its partners.
For B.A. Special Chem & Color the close relationship between producer and seller is an essential key factor that allows the company to boast a very widespread presence on several Italian and foreign markets.
The creation and strengthening of a cooperative relationship also allows the company to benefit of the know-how of leading companies such as Everlight and Atul for the textile dyes selling.


Reactive Dyes

Direct Dyes /Solux

VAT Dyes - Sinthren

Acid Dyes - Solacil

Disperse Dyes - Biaspers

Cationic Dyes - Biacryl