25/11/14 – Everlight is developing a new uv absorber product: EVERTEX LF-01 for cellulosic fibers and related blends

B. A. Special Chem & Color S.r.l. will soon launch on the market “EVERTEX LF-01″, the new UV Absorber product by its partner Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation.
This product is suitable for cotton fabrics and blends and it improves UPF value (Ultra Violet Protection Factor); i.e. the ability of cutting and absorbing most of harmful UV rays.
Once again Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation is a leader in the development of innovative products and solutions thanks to steady investments in R&D.
The protection of people’s health is a constant philosophy of the company; therefore our finished products manufactured with EVERTEX LF-01 are able to ensure a higher skin-protection level from harmful UVs.