12/06/15 – LAVAN PES: the new eco-friendly product

LAVAN PES is a new product that allows ecological post-dyeing cleaning of PES fiber.
Thanks to this new product you don’t need to use sodium hydrosulphite and caustic soda: the main advantage of using this product is that you avoid the discharging of pollutants, which have to be processed during the purification process, into the wastewater.
Moreover, since it is an unique product in liquid form, it simplifies and makes the dosage in the treatment bath easier.
In fact the dosage is performed through a simple washing process at 60-70 ° C for 20 minutes, followed by a final rinsing.
This way all the dispersed dye that do not penetrate into the fiber is effectively removed. This ensures at the end an excellent wet fastness, fully comparable to the classical stripping reductant treatment.
Another important advantage of using LAVAN PES is the possibility of performing a cleaning of the PES blended with cellulosic fibers already dyed (eg. with reactive dyes), without affecting in any way the tone of the latter: this possibility is very important if you need to improve further its strength, having both fibers already dyed.