24/11/16 – GOTS Certification of Sinthren Dyes

On 21st November 2016 B.A. Special Chem & Color srl obtained a GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) for 15 new Sinthren products. The international standard for organic textiles (GOTS) defines high environmental and toxicological criteria throughout the entire organic textiles supply cycle, from raw materials harvesting, environment, socially responsible production and the labeling of […]


18/11/16 – Kering is looking for green talents in Italy

An article of Il Sole 24 Ore of the 18th November underlines the importance of sustainability for Kering within its development strategy. Kering is a French multinational holding company and it is the third largest luxury multinational worldwide. Kering’s commitment to decrease the impact of its production on the environment aims at involving the value […]


12/06/15 – LAVAN PES: the new eco-friendly product

LAVAN PES is a new product that allows ecological post-dyeing cleaning of PES fiber. Thanks to this new product you don’t need to use sodium hydrosulphite and caustic soda: the main advantage of using this product is that you avoid the discharging of pollutants, which have to be processed during the purification process, into the […]


25/02/15 – Everlight Chemical joint the ZDHC project

Everlight keeps pursuing its “Better Chemistry Better Life” vision through its support to the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) project ( This project, that involves the leading clothes and footwear brands and retailers, has its aim in the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals within 2020. In support of this project, Everlight has developed a […]


29/01/15 – More than 250 Everlight products approved in the INDITEX List

Our represented Everlight has been included in the second Edition of the Inditex List, which involves more than 250 products related to the CTW (Clear To Wear). The inclusion of Everlight in this list highlights how the company is gaining more and more importance as regards the offer of eco-friendly products. Our products are in […]


25/11/14 – Everlight is developing a new uv absorber product: EVERTEX LF-01 for cellulosic fibers and related blends

B. A. Special Chem & Color S.r.l. will soon launch on the market “EVERTEX LF-01″, the new UV Absorber product by its partner Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation. This product is suitable for cotton fabrics and blends and it improves UPF value (Ultra Violet Protection Factor); i.e. the ability of cutting and absorbing most of harmful […]


23/10/14 – Everlight more and more eco-friendly with the GOTS 4.0’s approval

Once again Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation is in the forefront in its philosophy for the respect of environment and people. The steady research for new production technologies has allowed Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation to obtain the compliance with the criteria established by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version 4.0 for a considerable number of products. […]


03/10/14 – Change in Company Name

Starting from February 28th, 2013 Coloranti B.A. has changed its company name to B.A. Special Chem & Color a name that best sums up our products and our business. The name Coloranti B.A. dates back to 1981, when we started our main activity, the sale of dyes for the textile industry, later expanded with the […]


06/09/14 – H Acid price trend for 2012/2014

In May 2012, H Acid price stood at around $ 5,270 / ton, while in September 2013 it has exceeded $ 15,000 / ton. The data highlight a sudden increase in H Acid prices. The reason of this happening comes from a limited raw material availability on the market due to the closing of several […]


05/08/14 – «Reach», when Europe improves life

In June 2007, the Regulation for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (Reach) entered into force. Its aim is to encourage companies to use chemicals that are meant to become less and less dangerous and more environmentally friendly. However, there are still many obstacles to the effective use of such regulation by small and medium […]