Thanks to 20 years of strict cooperation with Textil Color AG, a Swiss leading manufacturer of textile auxiliaries and specialty chemicals, B.A. Special Chem & Color has been recording a positive trend in this area and is expected to grow significantly in the next years.
For many years we have been trading special concentrated textile chemicals (Rohstoff) too, especially on international markets, with very good results in terms of fast delivery and logistic costs saving.
B.A. Special Chem & Color has also started to customize concentrated auxiliaries in order to achieve special solutions for its customers’ requirements.
B.A. Special Chem & Color is now able to offer a wide range of textile auxiliaries such as wetting and detergent agents, sequestering and dispersing agents for textile dyeing, silicon and no-silicon antifoaming agents and specific finishing chemicals with very high performance.
A close collaboration with the main international manufacturers of Optical brightening agent allows B.A. Special Chem & Color to offer a full range of customized solutions and a highly qualified global technical support.